On the 17th of July we lost Mum & Dad in tragic and heartbreaking circumstances. These tribute pages are designed to celebrate their amazing life and bring their friends and family together. Please feel free to contribute your memories and stories of Mum & Dad as this is what will inspire all of us to live on in their memory. 

Mum & Dad were devoted parents who would do anything for us and worked very hard to ensure we had an amazing upbringing. Our home was full of love and events like birthdays and Christmas were made to be so special. Family holidays in the caravan to places like Caloundra and Yamba provided us with endless enjoyment. Dad’s caravan set up was always perfect and as three boys it was hard to maintain such perfection. I remember constant sweeping to remove any spec of sand, he would even take a portable carport to protect the car. Inside the van was Mum’s domain and it was organised to military precision. They were a great team and the best parents to have as kids.

As adults they were always there for guidance and never judged us. All they wanted was for us to be happy and follow our dreams. They embraced travel and would love to hear our stories from abroad. Mum would worry and tell us to be careful or Dad would say:

"Your mother is worried about you please be careful", but we all knew it was Dad who was worried just as much. 

Mum and Dad were so excited to become grandparents and wow, what a job they did. So much love it is beyond measure, and the grandkids are as lucky as we all are to have had them in their lives. The things they got away with would never have happened to the three of us. 

Our parents, in recent years having since retired, grew fond of Andre Rieu and the JSO. This man and his orchestra brought Mum & Dad so much happiness. Their music would play non-stop in Mum’s car and the DVD’s would play almost non-stop at home. They attended concerts both locally and at Andre’s home town of Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is there that they travelled to for the last three years touring Europe enjoying retirement. The Maastricht concert is the feature concert of the Andre calendar, and Mum & Dad had just been there, having had the time of their lives with new friends they met during previous Maastricht visits.

There are so many aspects of their lives to consider and that’s what we want you to do on this site. There are family, golf friends, caravan friends, Andre friends, travel friends, pool friends, school friends, work friends, neighbours and friends, new and old.  

Together we can share some great memories and support one another during this immediate grief and long into the future.

They will be deeply missed.

The Boys



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